BMW Motorcycle Final Drive Spline Repair

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BMW Motorcycle Final Drive Spline Repair


Product Description

BMW Motorcycle Final Drive Spline Repair

For /5 /6 /7 models to 1984 (dual shock models)
At Oshmo, we can replace your worn out spline with a NEW Siebenrock  spline.
The factory ring -gear/spline   is  a two-part pressed and welded together component. The correct way to repair a worn spline is to machine the spline completely off of the ring gear. See Spline Operations tab above.

You can send us your ring-gear or the entire final drive. Click on the Options tabs for pricing.

Send us your Ring-Gear-

parts – 164.95

labor 150.00

plus shipping

Send us your final drive

Disassemble final drive.

Replace spline ( see operations on product page for description of spline work)

Replace all seals and gasket

Inspect all bearings.

Setup lash – ring gear to pinon.

Assemble final drive

Pricing Seal and gasket kit-

33 11 2 311 096 cover gasket – 6.49

33 17 2 311 098 shaft housing gasket – 2.49

3312100 Siebenrock spline – 164.95

33 12 1 233 528 final drive seal – 17.95

33 12 3 004 337 output seal – 7.95

33 12 1 231 542 pinon shaft seal – 11.00

33 12 1 233 302 gasket ring fro pinion – 1.80

Labor – 350.00

OPERATIONS – installing new spline to ring-gear

The ring-gear/spline is mounted to our lathe to machine away the factory weld.
Next we heat the assembly in our oven to 350 deg F.
The heated assembly then goes to our press where we chill the internal shaft and press off the old spline.
The ring then goes back in the oven and heated to 350 F
The ring gear in its heated state is ready to receive the new spline. The spline is pressed in place and held under pressure until it reaches room temperature
The final step , we weld the spline to the ring gear like as it was originally done at the BMW factory.

1 review for BMW Motorcycle Final Drive Spline Repair

  1. Luke Michael

    Working on my first project, an ’81 R65, the splines were about shot. Had difficulty finding a local shop in Sydney that would do the work. Called up Osh, spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes, sent a few photos, and he weighed in that it was about 75-80% to tow truck time…

    Shipped over the final drive, Osh and Co did a great job. Came back vapor washed and looking amazing. Osh also recommended replacement of the driving dog as well for the rear wheel. In the absence of a shop to do the driving dog rivets, Osh provided the shoulder bolts. Everything mounted and bike runs smooth!

    Thanks for the great work.

    • Osh Minelian

      Hey Luke.
      Great getting to an Airhead lover Down-Under It was a pleasure working with you.
      Thanks for the good words. Be Safe.

      Osh M.

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