Oshmo BMW Swing Arm Caps


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Product Description

Oshmo Swing Arm Caps

The Oshmo Swing Arm Caps are a great little item for your BMW Airhead. The CNC machined billet caps replace the plastic caps. Pop the old ones off and pop the new ones on.

Design Notes: The Oshmo Swing Arm Caps are not engraved, rather they are machined with a .016 end-mill. The cut profiles are equally deep flowing across the face radii.

In other words the end-mill follows a 3D path. And that’s why the look so great !!!

Fits all airhead models..




We also have cnc machined gas tank badges in aluminum, both screw on for the early bikes and stick on for the later bikes. The stick-on type also fits later model BMW bikes with 70mm BMW Roundels.