Airhead R9T Forks

BMW R Nine T forks on an Airhead? Really? So we get a call from a buddy that’s in the bike biz. He asks, ” can you figure out a way to put R Nine T forks on an Airhead. So of course I say yes. My guys often cringe when they hear the YES
1977 R100Si BMW Cafe Racer OSHMO and Gold Country Cafe Racers Collaboration Here’s the tear-down and build of our latest project, Der Knight Stalker. – I decided to build another cafe bike after I had recently completed an R100/7 into a featured, front cover bike for the BMW RA magazine, OTL. The teardown process begins

A Great Bike Culture Video

A Great Bike Culture Video   I thought this was worth posting as a blog. Beautifully shot and edited.   Thoughts?   Frankie Chavez – Sweet Life  
BMW SB1 Cafe Racer by Josh Withers. The SB1 Model was specially built for Shane Balkowitsch. Josh Withers was commissioned to build a bike that would match Mr Balkowitsch’s 356 Porsche coupe. The silver with white stripe color scheme of the Porsche was to be applied to the SB1 Cafe Racer. With no holds barred,