BMW Motorcycle flywheel lightening and balancing for 1970’s BMWs

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BMW Motorcycle Flywheel Lightening and Balancing

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BMW Motorcycle flywheel lightening and balancing for 1970’s era BMW motorcycles.

Professionally machined and balanced.

There are various flywheels available throughout the 1970s
Early 70’s bikes come with a 93 tooth wheel and 10 mm mounting holes. 9/75 and later engines take a flywheel with 111 teeth and 11mm mounting holes. If your not sure measure the mounting holes or teeth, contact us for assistance

The design is based on a twisted spoke geometry. The inboard spoke is wider than the outboard spoke and twisted in the direction of rotation for ridged service.

The final weight is about 5.5 – 6 lbs depending on the model of flywheel.

If you have a different era flywheel you need lightened, contact us with details and we will be happy to give it a try.

We have items in stock that are ready to ship on an exchange basis.

It is best to send us your flywheel for lightening however we have a variety of flywheels in stock that we can sell or exchange.
Your flywheel must be in good condition.

NOTE: If your flywheel is no good we may have one ready to go. A core charge of an additional 100.00 will apply.

Allow a 3 day turn around for machining and balancing.

2 reviews for BMW Motorcycle flywheel lightening and balancing for 1970’s BMWs

  1. Arya Farinpour

    I’ve had two of these done and they look and work great!!!

  2. Armen

    Nice! Had the clutch pressure ring done at the same time. A smooth Airhead is a happy Airhead : )

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