Oshmo /5 /6 /7 BMW Billet Triple Clamp


Oshmo /5 /6 /7 36mm BMW Billet Triple Clamp

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Product Description

Black 1970-73 BMW /5 /6 /7 Aluminum Billet Upper Triple Clamp

Fits /5 /6 and /7 bikes with 36mm  fork tubes.   This is a black annodized aluminum upper (top) triple clamp machined from 6061 Aluminum Billet. This unique OshmO design has an inboard clamping feature unlike any other. The idea is to keep the clamp from protruding out the sides taking away from classic aesthetic design element of the headlight brackets (see images of this top clamp mounted on one of our R75/5 Cafe Bikes). The outer round contour follows the BMW factory headlight mounting bracket for a pleasing look while the rugged design and clamping feature makes for a super rigid steering reinforcement component. Great for BMW Cafe, Bobber, Tracker and other creative builds. Fits all 1971 – 1973 R50/5, R60/5 and R75/5 bikes. /6, /7, S and RS applications will require modifying  instrument bracket if you’re retaining the stock gauges. Comes with a stainless steel center nut. Please note, you will have to trim the top of your headlight ears approx. 10mm due to the extra thickness of this clamp. . Your factory fork caps will fit in the machined pockets. ( see images) This OshmO design is manufactured in our CNC Machine shop in Southern California.


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