Oshmo Billet Battery Tray Airhead R75 R80 R90 R100


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Product Description

Oshmo Billet Battery Tray Airhead R75 R80 R90 R100



Oshmo Billet Battery Tray Airhead R75 R80 R90 R100 fits on top of the transmission deleting the original air box. This a great naked bike item.

By deleting the airbox and using air filter pods, you can open up the space taken by the factory battery mount. Battery cables can now be routed directly to the starter eliminating unsightly cables running along the frame.

The battery tray is cut and finned out of 6061 aluminum billet. The hold down is also machined from billet.



Battery tray is designed to fit a 12 cell AG 1201 Anti Gravity 360 CCA battery. See more info on TAB.

Battery or cables not included. We can supply the both the battery and a cable kit to make your installation quick and easy.



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Product Description
The Antigravity Batteries AG1201 is an extremely versatile high power and lightweight Lithium Motorcycle/Motorsports battery. It has the capability for large weight reduction in the most compact size in lithium batteries in its class. It has 360 Cranking Amps yet is only 4.50″ Length x 3.25″ Depth and 4.25″ height (to the top of the terminals). This battery is a great choice for those seeking very high power in a compact battery. It can replace the typical 12 Ah Lead/Acid battery with a weight saving of up to 7 pounds while offering much more cranking power. This battery is best used for applications where extreme weight loss and ultra compact size are desired.

Best uses
Capable of every day use in bikes up to 1100cc (For more capacity and power use the Antigravity AG1601)
Race and Track Day use 1500cc
Custom builds up to 1200cc. (If using a high-performance motor use the Antigravity AG1601)
4 Cylinder Race Cars up to 1800cc